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Random header image... Refresh for more! Study Reveals imbalance in UDRP Panellist Participation and Outcomes at NAF

In their recent study performed by, Zak Muscovitch, a domain name lawyer and publisher of the report, has presented statistical information gathered from public record that helps to illustrate a skew in panelist assignment.

Muscovich says

“The National Arbitration Forum has provided years of service in trademark and domain name disputes. Greater transparency is required in order to explain the concentration of cases amongst certain panelists. ICANN should revisit the Rules and require that panel appointment is always random. Otherwise, there will be an apprehension of an unfair process amongst some observers and stakeholders who believe that the selection of the panellist is of paramount importance and has a substantial likelihood of affecting the outcome of cases. To increase discussion of these and other domain dispute issues, we have created a free sign-up to receive daily NAF Case Update so that you can receive daily notices of new NAF decisions.”

They have compiled statistics which we hope will provide the domain name dispute community with an idea of the approximate participation levels of all NAF Panelists.

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