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Our Chat With Demand Media About Their Apps For: .Airforce, .Navy., Republican, .Democrat, .Kaufen, .Moda, .Moto

We reached out to Demand Media, Inc. to get some more information on some of the new gTLD’s they applied for.

Leyla Farah was nice enough to respond on behalf of Demand.

Here is the email interview:

Q: There are some applications made by Demand that strike me as quite strange.

Can anyone chat about the thoughts and business plan behind the new gTLD’s Demand applied for like:



Are you doing these on behalf of the armed forces or with the consent of them?

If not don’t you expect objection to them from the armed forces?

Likewise the new gTLD’s applications for:



Don’t you expect those political; parties to object to the applications?


“””Our entire portfolio of gTLD applications were all grounded in the same data-driven process.

“We analyzed all of the data we could find to determine which words people were consistently using to navigate through their digital world.”

“Many of the most interesting words capture a universal sense of personal or professional identity, or are words that have come to define large and important ideas around the world. ”

“Ideas like “democrat” and “army” and “actor” represent global, vibrant communities that naturally gravitate to one another using shared language and experiences. ”

They are universal ideas that aren’t limited to any single entity like an armed service or political party in a single country — in fact they are often used generically (e.g., “Arnie’s Army” etc.). ”

“Because of the universality and generic nature of of these words, there really aren’t grounds for objection by anyone.”

“More information about the mission for these applications can be seen in question 18 of each of our ICANN new gTLD applications here:”

“I’ve also attached a document to this email that combines all of our Question 18 answers for your convenience.”


What are the thoughts behind





Finally I understand what a NINJA is, but whom do you expect to want to register, do business under or have the email address for .NINJA?


“Again, our strategy was to use data to unearth hidden gems.”

“We identified words that spoke to universal themes of identity, or words that have come to define a universal understanding of a concept. ”

“Strings like “ninja” and “moto” are a reflection of the evolution of language and culture itself.”

“These days, individuals with exceptional skills are commonly referred to as “ninjas” – no matter where they happen to live or what language they happen to speak.”

“The word “moto” captures the global phenomenon of motosport culture in a single word that transcends both language and geography.”

“Our data told us these types of strings represent some of the best available business opportunities precisely because they reach the broadest communities in the real world.”

“Importantly, the nature of the data also signaled to us that these kinds of names were unlikely to be spotted by others in the ICANN process.”

“Our website at gives some fun examples of that particular string in use.”

According to their application, Demand Media says about the extension .Kaufen”

“It is a generic and broadly used German word that holds particular affinity for people and organizations engaged in online commerce.:”

“Global in scope, today a passionate group of millions of consumers and hundreds of thousands of organizations identify with this word.”

“The mission and purpose of the .kaufen TLD is to establish an easily recognized and accessible namespace for the German-speaking portion of this large and dynamic group.”…

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Demand Media On Its New gTLD’s Applications: “We Are Very Pleased”

Demand Media (NYSE: DMD) just released a statement regarding the ICANN Big Reveal and the new gTLD’s they applied for:

“Demand Media is the only applicant for 16 of its 26 total applications for new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).”

“We are very pleased with today’s results.”

“We selected our TLDs based on data-driven algorithms that leveraged our leading registrar and content platforms to determine what domains small businesses and consumers were demanding,” said Taryn Naidu, EVP, Demand Media. “We are excited about the market potential for each of our TLDs and look forward to the innovative new product offerings that will result from making these available to consumers.”

The 16 new gTLDs for which Demand Media is the only applicant are as follows: .actor, .airforce, .army, .dance, .democrat, .engineer, .gives, .immobilien, .kaufen, .moda, .navy, .ninja, .pub, .rehab, .republican, and .social.

Additionally, Demand Media has applied for the following new gTLDs that also have multiple applicants: .bar, .cam, .fishing, .gay, .green, .map, .mom, .moto, .rip, and .wow.


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Marchex Hits 52 Week Low

Shares of Marchex traded as low as $3.13 today setting a new 52 week low for the company

Marchex market cap is now only $106 Million well below what it paid for Yun Ye’s portfolio many years ago.

The 52 week high for the company is $10.97.

Marchex’s volume at noon, is already 3X the average trading volume.


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Demand Media Applies For 26 gTLD’s & Is Partners With Donuts, Inc. on 107 New gTLD’s

According to a press release out this morning Demand Media (DMD), announced that it has applied for 26 new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

“The company selected gTLD names in categories connected to an extremely broad range of interests and capabilities including: ecommerce, personal & professional identity, education, entertainment, internet life, sports, small business and social media.”

In addition to the 26 gTLD’s Demand Media applied for, they also “entered into a strategic arrangement with Donuts Inc., an Internet domain name registry founded by industry veterans, through which it may acquire rights in certain gTLDs after they have been awarded to Donuts by ICANN.”

“These rights are shared equally with Donuts and are associated with 107 gTLDs.”

Last week Donuts announced that they applied for 307 new gTLD’s, which means that Demand are equal partners in 107 of the 307 new gTLD’s domain name extensions they applied for.

Demand Media did not name the new gTLD’s they applied for, so we will get that info in a couple of days on June 13th.

“Further, as previously announced, a subsidiary of Demand Media has been selected as the technical registry operator for both Demand Media and Donuts.”

Richard Rosenblatt, chairman and CEO, Demand Media. is quoted as saying “We believe the new gTLD program represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the Internet,” said “In addition to delivering more choice for consumers and business owners, we expect the domain name expansion to spur innovation and new business opportunities.”


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Top Level Domain Holdings Becomes Largest New gTLD Applicant To Date Applying For 68 Strings

According to a press release sent this morning, Top Level Domain Holdings (TLDH) applied for 68 new gTLD’s on its on behalf and a submitted total of 92 applications.

In addition to 68 application it filed on its own behalf, the company submitted 5 gTLD geographic applications for or in association with the cities of London, Miami, and Budapest, together with the German States of Bayern and Nord-Rhein Westfalen, all with the backing of each city or region’s governing body.

The company also filed one application as a joint venture in .music.

The Company is also providing back-end registry services for a further 18 applications made by clients of the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Minds + Machines, including .rugby by the International Rugby Board and .basketball with FIBA, the International Basketball Federation.

Here are the gTLD’s applied for by the company”

1. abogado
2. .app
3. .art
4. .baby
5. .beauty
6. .beer
7. .blog
8. .book
9. .casa
10. .cloud
11. .cooking
12. .country
13. .coupon
14. .cpa
15. .cricket
16. .data
17. .dds
18. .deals
19. .design
20. .dog
21. .eco
22. .fashion
23. .fishing
24. .fit
25. .flowers
26. .free
27. .garden
28. .gay
29. .green
30. .guide
31. .horse
32. .hotel
33. .home
34. .immo
35. .inc
36. .latino
37. .law
38. .lawyer
39. .llc
40. .love
41. .luxe
42. .pizza
43. .property
44. .realestate
45. .restaurant
46. .review
47. .roma
48. .rodeo
49. .sale
50. .school
51. .science
52. .site
53. .soccer
54. .spa
55. .store
56. .style
57. .surf
58. .tech
59. .video
60. .vip
61. .vodka
62. .website
63. .wedding
64. .work
65. .yoga
66. .zulu
67. 购物 (“shopping”)
68. 网址 (“site”)…

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Google Applies For 50 New gTLD’s

According to Google has applied for 50 new gTLD’s altogether, including those reported by other media outlets.

.Google, .Youtube, .Lol and .Docs are the only 4 new gTLD’s that Google announced on its blog today, so they have 46 more they aren’t releasing information on today.

You can check out the full story here.



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Google Promises More Transparency For Advertisers

Google has just promised more transparency for advertisers on its blog. (Still nothing for publishers)

The new report promisses to:

Provides Impression Share at the keyword level

A new Auction Insights Report which will provide competitor data.

In-depth is the Top of page rate.

Here is the post:

A key component of developing a search ads strategy is understanding what other advertisers are doing, and using this intelligence to optimize campaigns for top performance. To empower advertisers to make better informed optimization decisions, we’re launching the Auction insights report.

We currently provide Impression share columns within campaign and ad group reports that show the percentage of impressions received, compared to the estimated number of impressions for which they were eligible. While this report gives valuable insight into missed opportunities in aggregate, it also raises additional questions — who competes in the same auctions, and can performance data be made available at a more detailed level?

With the Auction insights report, you can compare your performance with other advertisers who compete in the same set of auctions as you do. You can see how often your ads rank higher than other advertisers’ ads on the search results page, and how often your ads appear compared to theirs based on your estimated possible impressions. This information can help you make strategic decisions about bids, budgets, and keyword choices by showing you where you are succeeding and where you may be missing opportunities for improved performance.

The Auction insights report provides data at the keyword-level, and provides five different statistics: impression share, average position, overlap rate, position above rate, and top of page percent:

Note: Mock data only.

Reports can be generated for one keyword at a time, and data is only available for keywords that meet a minimum threshold of activity for the time period specified. If you see this icon () to the left of a keyword in your statistics table on the Keyword tab, you’ll know that the Auction insights report is available for that keyword.

Note: This report provides information on other advertisers that participated in the same auctions as you. This does not indicate that the other advertisers have the same keywords, match types, or other targeting settings as you. The other advertisers’ metrics shown are based only on instances when your ads were also estimated to be eligible to appear. These reports will not reveal the actual keywords, quality, or settings from your campaign, and it will not give you insight into the same information for others.…

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Facebook Prices IPO At $38 A Share With a $104 Billion Market Cap

Facebook priced its IPO at $38 a share, raising $16 billion which will be the third largest IPO in U.S. history and the largest ever IPO by a U.S. technology company.

It will start trading tomorrow under the symbol: FB

At $38 a share Facebook is valued at $104 Billion dollars.

At $38 Facebook will trade at more than 100x of earnings or PE

For comparison sake here are the some market caps & PE of some other high tech companies based on today’s closing price:

Apple $495 Billion PE 13

Microsoft $250 Billion PE 11

Google $203 Billion PE 19

Yahoo $18 Billion PE 17

Linked In $10 Billion PE 718…

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Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Resigns

The CEO of Yahoo Scott Thompson resigned tonight according to a report in the Wall Steet Journal. He told the company that he has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Ross Levinsohn was named as interim Chief Executive Officer.

Here is the press release:

“”Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) today announced that the Board of Directors has named Fred Amoroso as Chairman of the Board of Directors and Ross Levinsohn as interim Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. .
Mr. Amoroso replaces Roy Bostock, who has stepped down from his role as Non-Executive Chairman in order to accelerate the leadership transition for the new Board. Mr. Levinsohn replaces Scott Thompson, former Chief Executive Officer, who has left the Company.

Under the Board’s settlement agreement with Third Point, three Third Point nominees — Daniel S. Loeb, Harry J. Wilson, and Michael J. Wolf — will join the Yahoo! Board, effective May 16, 2012. Mr. Bostock, along with Patti Hart, VJ Joshi, Arthur Kern and Gary Wilson, all of whom previously disclosed their intentions not to stand for re-election, as well as Mr. Thompson, have decided to step down from the Board immediately.

As a part of the settlement agreement, Third Point, which owns an aggregate of 70,545,400 shares, or 5.8% of Yahoo! common stock, has agreed to withdraw its previous Board nominations for consideration at the annual meeting and vote its shares in support of Yahoo!’s nominees. Yahoo!’s slate of director nominees for election or re-election at the 2012 annual meeting of stockholders will now include Fred Amoroso, John Hayes, Peter Liguori, Thomas McInerney, Maynard Webb, Sue James, David Kenny, Brad Smith, Daniel S. Loeb, Harry J. Wilson and Michael J. Wolf.

As interim CEO, Mr. Levinsohn will manage the Company’s day-to-day operations with assistance from Yahoo!’s existing senior leadership team.

“The Board is pleased to announce these changes and the settlement with Third Point, and is confident that they will serve the best interests of our shareholders and further accelerate the substantial advances the Company has made operationally and organizationally since last August. The Board believes in the strength of the Company’s business and assets, and in the opportunities before us, and I am honored to work closely with my fellow directors and Ross to continue to drive Yahoo! forward,” said Fred Amoroso, Chairman of the Yahoo! Board of Directors.

Mr. Amoroso continued, “On behalf of the entire Board, I would also like to thank Patti, VJ, Arthur, Gary and, in particular, Roy, for their dedicated long-term service and contributions to the Board and Yahoo!.”

Third Point Chief Executive Officer Daniel S.…

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Demand Media Reports: Beats Expectations Sends Stock Soaring & Spends $18M On New gTLD’s

Demand Media, Inc. (NYSE: DMD) just reported its earnings for the 1st Q of 2012 beating expectations and sending the stock soaring in aftermarket trading up almost 20%

Some interesting stuff in this report including that Demand invested $18 Million in new gTLD’s.

Previously Demand reported it was allocating $5 Million for new gTLD’s meaning that they were going to apply for some 25 new gTLD’s but now at $18 Million Demand is going to be one of the biggest players for new gTLD program as this equates to some 100 new gTLD applications.

Demand now become a way to play the new gTLD market without having to apply yourself.

eNom revenue was up 17% and grew by about 600,000 domains in the quarter.

These results maybe why Demand reportedly turned down an offer of $1.2 Billion a couple of weeks ago to go private.

Here is are the results:

Q1 2012 Financial Summary:

  • Content & Media revenue ex-TAC grew 4% year-over-year and increased 1% compared to the fourth quarter of 2011. Year-over-year comparisons were impacted by early 2011 search algorithm changes. The 1% sequential improvement included the second consecutive quarter of revenue growth for eHow.
  • Registrar revenue (eNom) grew 17% year-over-year and 3% compared to the fourth quarter of 2011.
  • During the first quarter of 2012, the number of registered domains grew by a net 593,000 compared to 442,000 in the first quarter of 2011, due to growth from new partners and organic growth from resellers.
  • Loss from operations and net loss include $1.8 million of accelerated non-cash amortization expense associated with content intangible assets removed from service in conjunction with the Company’s previously announced plan to improve its content creation and distribution platform.
  • Free cash flow increased by $11.8 million year-over-year. The increase was driven by an 81% reduction of investment in intangible assets to $2.7 million. The intangible assets investment decline was the result of planned decreased content spend on eHow as the Company continued to make improvements to its content creation and distribution platform.

“Our first quarter growth and significant free cash flow marks a great start for 2012, particularly in light of a tough year-over-year comparison due to early 2011 search algorithm changes,” said Charles Hilliard, President and CFO. “Demand Media’s increased guidance reflects our first quarter performance, our improved outlook for the remainder of 2012 and, for the first time in more than a year, a return to accelerating year-over-year revenue growth beginning in Q2.”

Business Highlights:

  • In April 2012, Demand Media invested $18 million in pursuit of its generic Top Level Domain (“gTLD”) initiative, which it believes represents a complementary strategic growth opportunity for its Registrar services.

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