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Sedo Market Report For 1Q: 19.6 Million In Sales; & For The 1st Time BIN Sales Led The Way

Sedo announced the results of its Q1 2012 Domain Market Study.

During the first quarter, Sedo powered more than 10,000 domain transactions accounting for $19.6 Million in sales.

The number of Buy Now sales surpassed offer-counter offer sales for the first time, becoming the most popular type of transaction.

IDNX, the first standardized pricing index for the domain market, reached record highs in March 2012 after five months of consecutive growth. This suggests that the domain market has rebounded from the slump of 2011, and when compared to other standard economic indicators it suggests a market that is well-positioned for future growth, with the potential for additional record highs during the remainder of 2012.

“The results of this quarter’s domain market study are extremely promising. With the highest sales numbers we’ve seen since early 2011, this year may have the potential to become the strongest for the domain market in quite some time,” said Liesbeth Mack-de Boer, CSO of Sedo. “Sedo is continuing to invest heavily in extending the global reach of our marketplace, and looking forward to the availability of new gTLDs in 2013. We are confident that we will continue to connect even more domain buyers and sellers in the coming year.”

Highlights of Sedo’s Q1 2012 Domain Market Study include:

– Q1 2012 had the highest sales volume since Q2 2011, with 10,133 transactions taking place on Sedo’s domain marketplace.

– Sales value also increased during Q1, accounting for the highest sales value since Q2 2011: a total of $19,641,153.

– .com remained the most frequently sold TLD, with 45% of the market, while .de ranked a distant second place, with 16% of all sales.

– For the first time ever, Buy Now sales accounted for 39% of all transactions, more than the traditionally higher offer-counter offer sales, which now account for 34%.

– Top sales for the quarter included at $150,000, and at EUR98,000.

– IDNX shows an increase of +4.2%, which exceeds the more modest upswing for share prices in the IT and technology sectors. In spite of this, the growth correlates to other economic indices, proving that domain prices are at an all-time high without being inflated…

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Demand Media Turns Down $1.2 Billion To Go Private is reporting that Demand Media, Inc. (DMD) turned down $1.2 Billion dollars in a deal that would have taken the company private this past week.

The current market cap of Demand Media is $620 Million at the closing share price on Friday of around $7.25 a share. Demand is off 65% of its market cap when it went public at $17 a share.

“According to the report, “Demand Media was deep into discussions with a private equity firm to complete a deal that would have taken the online content company private for almost double its current value.”

“But Demand abandoned the effort this past week… due to a number of challenges, including complications related to its financing and the ability to retain executives in its aftermath.”

Demand Media is one of the largest company’s in the domain name space and of course owns the world’s second largest domain registrar.

Its a interesting story and you should check it out here.


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Bloomberg & Reuters Adds Sedo’s IDNX To Their Covered Financial Markets

According to a press release today, Sedo, announced that Bloomberg and Reuters have added IDNX, the industry’s leading domain price index, to the financial markets covered on their respective Web sites.

“”IDNX provides critical insight into the current market value of domains, domain industry trends, and the risk-return ratio of domains as a financial asset. Using real estate economic methodology to index more than 200,000 domain transactions since 2006, IDNX exhibits strong correlation with broader economic indicators, substantiating the long-held assumption that domains are as much an economic asset as real estate, stocks or shares.”

““It is gratifying to see people realize that domains are a valid investment option,” said Thies Lindenthal, the MIT researcher and economist who created IDNX and serves as Product Manager for Pricing at “Internet entrepreneurs and domain industry professionals have long recognized fluctuations in domain value that parallel the economy as a whole, but unlike most other markets, these changes were not being tracked. IDNX provides the insight needed to make educated investment decisions. I am thrilled that Wall Street is taking the virtual investment space seriously, and that they are looking to the domain market for insight.”

“When compared to other financial indicators such as the NASDAQ or the stock price of internet giant Google, IDNX clearly shows that the trend lines for these indices follow the same path as the trend line for the domain market. Updated monthly, IDNX has shown consecutive growth over the past five months and reached historical highs in March 2012, indicating a full rebound from 2011’s financial crisis, and suggesting that the remainder of this year could see even stronger figures.”

“This is the first index of ‘virtual real estate’ constructed using the same types of econometric techniques that have been pioneered for tracking prices of ‘real real estate’ and that work well in that context. I think this is a great next step into the new frontier!” said Professor David Geltner, Director of Research at MIT’s Center for Real Estate.”

“IDNX is currently available on Bloomberg and Reuters under IDNX <Index> and .IDNX, respectively. As with all indices featured on their sites, IDNX can only be viewed by those with valid Bloomberg or Reuters accounts. To view and interact with IDNX now, go to”

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Cnet Does Feature Story On Mike Mann: “Meet the ‘Mann’ who registered 14,962 domains in 24 hours”

Cnet.comjust published a feature story all about the Mann, Mike Mann.

The story entitled “Meet the ‘Mann’ who registered 14,962 domains in 24 hours” recounts how Mike Mann started in the domain business, built and sold BuyDomains and now seems to have done it all over again with

Some of the more interesting parts from the story for me were:

Mike Mann still owns 15% of NameMedia. I thought Mike had sold his entire interest in to NameMedia. I might be the only person that didn’t know Mike owed such a large part of the company, but I didn’t.

Mike Mann quote: “I want to own the world.” priceless

Mike Mann Quote: “We have a filter, but I’m the world’s most efficient human filter for this for of thing,” said Mann, true to form. “I don’t think anyone can read huge lists of domain names as quickly as I can and understand what they’re reading. I’m a pattern reader. It’s a huge pain in the ass, but it’s what I do for a living.”

In the two years since his non-compete with NameMedia expired, Mike has registered 400,000 domains or about 6x the number of domains its taken me 15 years to get.

Paul Sloan write the article for

Paul of course has written the the most widely covered stories in mainstream publications on the domain industry including the feature story on Kevin Ham for Business 2.0. and the story that propelled the whole domain industry featuring Frank Schilling into the spotlight, Masters of Their Domain.

You should check out the full story at

We here at have nominated Mike several times for the Domain Hall of Fame award and still believe that he should have been one of the first 5 inductees. Mike is one of those love him or hate him guys with a strong personality, but his success in the domain industry cannot be denied and its still a story in progress.




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Donald Trump Anthony Robbins & The CEO/Founder Of Protrada To Appear On The Same Stage

Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and the CEO/Founder of Protrada are all going to be appearing on stage at the National Achievers Congress 2012 in San Jose.

Protrada CEO and Founder Troy Rushton will be headlining the domain name investing session of the three day conference starting April 10th and concluding April 12th to an audience of around 8,000.

“This is the beginning of a program being rolled out by Protrada to take domain name investing to a new mass audience of qualified investors across the entire spectrum of asset classes from real estate to options trading.”

According to a press release by the company.

The focus of Troy’s presentation will surround the myriad of benefits domain name trading offers investors; the ease of using Protrada as the primary platform for domain buying, selling, management and development as well as teaching the tactics and strategies employed by the most successful domain name traders.

“”Troy will be presenting a program which has been a collaboration of many key influencers in the domaining space including; Morgan Linton (, Adam Dicker (DNForum), Paul Nicks (Go Daddy), Braden Pollock (Legal Brand Marketing), Paul Goldstone (, Shane Cultra ( and many more. They have all played an important role in providing content, ideas and commentary for this seminal presentation.”

Introducing domaining to a new audience will greatly benefit the industry as a whole,” said Troy Rushton, CEO and founder of Protrada. “Every time I attend industry conferences, domainers tell me the greatest barrier to industry growth is a lack of liquidity which would be remedied by new investors. We have an opportunity to help solve that problem for the benefit of all stakeholders and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing at NAC 2012 in San Jose.”

A small number of tickets to the event are still available in both the General and VIP areas. Diamond Tickets are strictly limited as purchasers enjoy extraordinary benefits including lunch each day of the Congress with Messrs Trump, Robbins and Kiyosaki and a special ‘Power Talk’ Q&A session with ‘The Donald’. For more information about the National Achievers Congress 2012, speaker lineup, venue details and ticket sales click here:

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After Today’s TechCrunch Report, Now you See Why At $450K Was A Bargain AMEX:MEET

TechCrunch is reporting that “social networking companies myYearbook and Quepasa which merged last year will rebrand as MeetMe.

“Starting in July, the myYearbook website, smartphone apps, tablet apps, and mobile website will all be rebranded as MeetMe.”

The company itself, currently called Quepasa Corporation, will be renamed MeetMe, and it plans to change its stock ticker symbol (it’s traded on NYSE Amex) from QPSA to MEET sometime this summer.”

QPSA has a current market value of over $159 million.

“In September, the article goes on to say that the company plans to finish internationalizing myYearbook/MeetMe into Spanish and Portuguese, and that site will be replace the existing Quepasa product.

At the time, we announced the sale of $450K for some were skeptical, others thought the price was ridiculously high other thought we just made it up.

However at the time I said, “In actuality the buyer got a great deal.”

And now you see they did.

The domain afforded them to protect and own the entire space of the re-branded company, its apps, its stock system its identity, or as the CEO of MyYearbook Geoff Cook is quoted as saying in the article:

“Having a single brand just makes it much easier to talk about the aims of the company,”

“It should help with word-of-mouth, and also give MeetMe a single name for its continued international expansion. The name even performed well in test ad campaigns that the company ran earlier.”

Like a said, the buyer got a great deal.

This is the power of an intuitive domain.

Congrats to the buyers.


April 3, 2012   No Comments Releases Study On Almost 10k Domain Names & Shows a 46% Increase In Revenue in 7 Days & 91% in 30 Days Over Pure PPC

A couple of weeks ago we published a press release from about their Monitization Decision Engine (MDE). At the time DH promised they would be releasing a case study to back up their claims.

Today released details a the results of a 30 day test on its “DomainPower Montization Decision Engine (MDE)” comparing it to a pure PPC provider on almost 10,000 domain names.

According to DH the revenue of the total portfolio of about 10K domains, increased 46% after 7 days and 91% after 30 days.

Here are the details;

“”The following Case Study illustrates the methodology and test results of a 9,873 domain portfolio, known as Portfolio X, utilizing Tier 1 PPC advertisers vs. using DomainPower Montization Decision Engine (MDE) technology over a 30-day period. Over the course of the 30-day test, Portfolio X saw a 91% revenue increase as a result of switching to the MDE.


Meet Portfolio X

Portfolio X consisted of 9,873 domains spread across more than 40 different categories with traffic from 137 different countries. Prior to the MDE launch, all domains were pointed to landing pages monetized through a “Tier 1″ PPC upstream provider (illustrated below).

Portfolio X Category Composition

As the pie chart below illustrates, Portfolio X had an even category composition, with domains across all major verticals. Among categories in “Other” are: Kids, Vehicles, International, Government, Art and Food.

Portfolio X Traffic By Country

U.S. Based traffic accounted for slightly more than 55% of all traffic to Portfolio X.

Introduction to Monetization Decision Engine (MDE)

The MDE technology allows domains and traffic to be clustered by similar attributes and routed to external partners. Revenue from partners is measured until the MDE identifies the rotation with the highest yield.

The hypothesis was that the MDE would offer higher revenue almost immediately due to prior optimization of the clusters and revenue would continue to increase as a result of continuous optimization.

Monetization Partners

Portfolio X’s traffic was routed amongst 31 total DomainPower monetization partners, whose methods ranged from PPC to CPA to zero-click.

Test Results

For this study, Portfolio X’s 9,873 domains were switched to the MDE on January 10. Results were measured over the course of three different intervals. The red represents the trailing revenue over pre-MDE date ranges. The blue represents post-MDE revenue over the same number of days. There is a two-day gap between periods to account for DNS propagation.…

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NameMedia Promotes Jason Miner To COO

In its second promotion in two weeks, NameMedia, today announced the promotion of Jason Miner to Chief Operating Officer.

Two weeks ago it promoted Bob Mountain to Vice President of Business Development.

“”Miner has been a key executive throughout the company’s continuing growth and development. He joined the company in 2005 as the Director of Sales for the company’s domain marketplace, and has since added responsibilities for business development, marketing, customer service and portfolio management. “Jason has been a key leader in developing the strategy and executing the business plan for NameMedia,” said Chairman and CEO Kelly Conlin. “In addition, Jason has been an excellent mentor to many people across the company who join me in congratulating Jason on this well- deserved recognition.”

“The senior leadership team of the company is comprised of Miner along with colleagues Brian Lucy, Chief Financial Officer, and Mark Haseltine, Chief Technology Officer.

“”Jason has more than 15 years of senior management experience. Most recently, Jason served as Vice President, Sales at Reed Business, a division of Reed Elsevier Group PLC, the world’s leading publisher and information provider. Prior to Reed Business, Jason was a Vice President, Sales at the world’s largest online recruitment and relocation business. Jason was responsible for leadership and execution of Monstermoving’s sales strategy, building the management and sales team, launching and growing the business, and integrating the sales team into””

We congratulate Jason on his promotion…

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OMGPOP Purchased Yesterday By Zynga For $210 Million Was The Buyer Of

A week ago we wrote about the domain name selling on Afternic for $3,000

As we noted the domain was under privacy at Godaddy and actually still is but the domain is now forwarding to the developer of the App

Meaning that the developer of the App, which has been downloaded more than 35 Million times, bought the exact match .com from for $3k.

Yesterday Zynga bought OMGPOP for $210 Million dollars.



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New York Said To Be Guaranteed $3.6 Million For .NYC TLD

According to an article in the New York Times, the city of New York is on the verge of making a deal with a “Virgina based company” that would apply for and operate the gTLD .NYC.

According to the story the city would be guaranteed a to received $3.6 Million over the first 5 years.

“The Virgina based company would pay all costs of the application and the operation of the registry.”

The .NYC registry for the city of New York would be in my opinion a very popular extension and should depending on price, marketing and other factors be highly profitable maybe one of the most profitable of all the new gTLD’s.

While the story does not mention the company, its worth mentioning that Verisign is headquartered in Virgina and for that matter so is Neustar.…

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