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Div Turakhia At F.ounders Conference On Media.Net: “In The Next 12 Months We Will Likely Be One of The Top 10 Ad Companies”

The third annual F.ounders conference was held this past Friday at the Nasdaq’s MarketSite on Times Square.

One of the invited 150 founders was Divyank Turakhia of Directi which as we know has a bunch of companies in the domain industry and announced they applied for 31 new gTLD’s.

The sat down for a short interview with Div who they describe as a “30-year-old entrepreneur from India who started his first company at the age of 16 with $500.”

“Today he employs 800 people across two web-based businesses and has a net worth of about $350 million.”

“His latest venture, a “contextual advertising” company called, that matches online ads with related web content, is set to take on Google’s ad service when it launches fully later this year. ”

Div is quoted as saying:

“Google is the only company doing and they make $10 billion a year doing it. It’s a sweet business,”

“In the next 12 months we will likely be one of the top 10 ad companies out there”

“But when you’ve made your first million at the age of 18 and your first hundred million at the age of 23, what’s still driving you at 30?”

“It’s more about solving complex problems. That’s what keeps me excited. After a point you don’t care about the money at all. The reality is I would do all of this for free, but then people started paying me for it,” he explained.”


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What Ever Happened To Domain Hall Of Fame Member Sahar Sarid? We Know & It’s All On

Over the last couple of years I have had many emails asking me whatever happened to domainer Sahar Sarid.

Sahar is a member of the Domain Hall of Fame (inducted 2007).

Ron Jackson of ran a cover story on Sahar back in 2007.

Sahar published a very popular domain blog,

So what has Sahar been up to?

On the business front Sahar, recently sold the domain name, sometime last year.

“The domain name was bought in 2002 off of eBay by Ashantiplc, a company Sahar Sarid was a part investor in.

The domain was then leased to a HK development company and then as we said above sold to a new company sometime in 2011.”

This actual sale price and other confidential information continues to remain private between the buyer and seller.

Since the sale the of in 2011 the site has become one of the top 3000 visited websites in the world.”

On the personal front, Sahar has been busy traveling the world, from Thailand, Panama, Costa Rica, Tokyo, to Trinidad.

Another Domain Hall of Fame member Adam Dicker has put up a “Fan” site all about Sahar and his life at

As a much older guy than Sahar, I can’t say he has taken the wrong road.

Sahar made his mark while he was young and is now is enjoying his life to the fullest while he is still in his 30′s.

So I tip my hat as I’m sure you all do to Sahar, and wish him continued success and happiness.…

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.XXX Adds 7,360 Registrations In February & Takes In Over $450K

The monthly ICANN reports are out for February and ICM operator of the .XXX TLD reported 6,352 one year registrations, 652 two year registrations, 196 three year registrations and 160 five year registrations.

So that is a total of 7,360 new registrations for the month of February 2012, or 9,044 in total taking into account the multiple years.

With a wholesale cost of $50 (actually its $62 but $10 goes to the non-profit IFFOR and $2 goes to ICANN) that mean’s ICM raked in $452,000 for the month.

Not too shabby.


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Afilias Backend Provider for 305 Applications Including 175 .Brand TLD’s

Afilias Limited, the operator of the .INFO, .MOBI and .PRO top level domains (TLD) announced that it will be the back end provider for 305 new generic TLD applications to ICANN.

“The applications span a range of new TLD ideas, and include 18 Internationalized TLDs (for example, Chinese and Cyrillic), four community domains, four geographic domains and more than 170 “dot Brand” names.”

“The remaining applications represent a wide variety of generic domain strings that are designed to simplify Internet navigation by helping users discover focused, easily identifiable content.”

“Although the list primarily contains the TLDs of its registry services customers, Afilias itself has applied for a range of strings in verticals as diverse as energy and media.”

“Afilias is helping a wide range of global entities apply for their TLD, including the .eco and .hotel teams as announced previously,” said Roland LaPlante, Senior Vice President and CMO, Afilias.

LaPlante added, “In addition to technical support, several of these strings will leverage our complete Managed Registry Service, more fully capitalizing on Afilias’ experience as an ICANN-Designated Registry Operator. We couldn’t be more excited about the growth that all of these new domain names will bring to the Internet in the years ahead. We are looking forward to helping our customers get their TLDs approved and successfully launched, and also to bringing our own new domains to market.”

Today, Afilias provides registry and DNS services for 17 TLDs and more than 20 million registrations, including almost eight million .INFO domains and one million .MOBI domains registered worldwide. In addition, Afilias supports .ORG, .AERO, .ASIA, .PRO, XXX, .AG (Antigua and Barbuda), .BZ (Belize), .GI (Gibraltar), .HN (Honduras), .IN (India), .LC (St. Lucia), .ME (Montenegro), .MN (Mongolia), .SC (the Seychelles), .VC (St. Vincent and the Grenadines…

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Frank Schilling Unveils His New gTLD Company:

Frank Schilling one of the largest private domain name portfolio owners in the world through Name Administration, is getting into the new gTLD space, as a registry, making application for some new gTLD’s and today officially launched his new gTLD company called Uniregistry

“We are building the next wave of destinations for businesses to exist on the Internet.”

“What happens when you take a team of experts, at the top of the naming industry, and unite them behind a single, high-minded purpose? You get the most service-based and holistic approach to registry operations that the industry has ever seen – something we call “Uniregistry.”

Nothing is more important to us than the ongoing, long-term success of our namespaces, and the registrants we serve. Uniregistry has the rare combination of experience, infrastructure, and unwavering commitment required to make it happen.”

Uniregistry is dedicated to supporting the prosperity of our registrants through the responsible and proficient stewardship of the Internet’s best top-level domain alternatives.

Our Vision:

We imagine an intuitive and reliable experience across the Internet for both site users and site creators; equal access to unique, meaningful domain names; and world-class infrastructure for all businesses and individuals.

Our Values:

  • Liberty & Fairness – A transparent, egalitarian society in which opportunities are endless and equally available to all registrants.
  • Responsible Stewardship – Everything we do is for the present and future good of the Internet, the naming industry, and our registrants.
  • Technical Excellence – Providing unmatched reliability and security of infrastructure to our customers.
  • Ease & Simplicity – The endless, unyielding pursuit of simpler, more seamless user experiences and product implementations.

“Through our own successful ventures in the second-level domain space, and our rich history of service to registrants, we have a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in Internet naming. We have channelled those learnings into our core offering and promise of service:

  • Uncompromised, high technical standards for reliability and security, including ongoing research and enhancements to our critical infrastructure
  • Transparency and neutrality in all policies and processes, including freedom to operate without micromanagement from the registry administrator
  • Stable and predictable service, always centered around the needs of registrants, but governed by a strong and even-handed rule of law
  • Egalitarian, fair pricing practices and a not-for-profit sunrise period.””

“Uniregistry’s infrastructure is designed and maintained by Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), the world’s preeminent expert in implementation and operation of the Domain Name System. ISC is one of the few organizations entrusted to provide essential Internet infrastructure, including the Internet’s highly-trafficked F-Root server, which is responsible for approximately 25% of the Internet’s root traffic.”

For now Uniregistry is NOT releasing the new gTLD strings it has applied for, or how many.…

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Donuts Inc. Applies For 307 New gTLD’s & Raises More Than $100 Million

According to a Press Release Donuts Inc, applied for 307 New gTLD’s by far the most of any company that has announced so far.

At last report ICANN had received over 1,900 new gTLD applications, so Donuts, Inc. would represent around 15% of all applications.

The 307 applications means that Donuts spent $60 Million just in application fees payable to ICANN.

Donuts Inc. is going to use Demand Media, Inc. (DMD) for its back end registry services.

Donuts, Inc. also said they have raised over $100 Million dollars from notable sources, including:

· Austin Ventures

· Adams Street Partners

· Emergence Capital Partners

· TL Ventures

· Generation Partners

· Stahurricane (Stahura’s investment fund)

“Stahura said Donuts is ready to raise additional funding should circumstances warrant. “Our investors are very optimistic about both this opportunity and our plans,” he said.”

Chris Pacitti, General Partner of Austin Ventures. “Donuts is going to be a formidable presence in Internet namespace growth.”

“Donuts was founded by Paul Stahura, Richard Tindal, Jonathon Nevett and Daniel Schindler—four industry veterans with extensive experience in registry and registrar operations and industry governance, and who have successfully launched TLDs, built industry-leading companies, and brought value and choice to the domain name marketplace.”

“The company has rounded out its executive team with three hires, all effective on May 1, 2012, and each with domain name industry experience:

“Kevin Wilson has been named Chief Financial Officer. For almost four years, until January 2011, Wilson was CFO for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN, the industry’s policy development organization), and previously held financial leadership positions in varied industries, including Internet, technology, financial services, real estate and others.

“Mason Cole, an executive from SnapNames and and a leader in ICANN policy development, has been appointed Vice President of Communications and Industry Relations. Cole is a 12-year veteran of the domain name industry.

“Alvaro Alvarez, formerly with the firm of Perkins Coie LLP, Donuts’ outside counsel, has been named Vice President and General Counsel. Alvarez has worked with Donuts since its incorporation in 2010 and on domain industry matters since 2007.

Donuts, Inc. previously announced that is was applying for 10 new gTLD’s.

The date for the big reveal of who applied for what extension has been set by ICANN for June 13th. While some applicants have come forward outing themselves on the extension they have applied for, Donuts, Inc.…

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Monte Cahn Joins Domain Holdings Group

Domain Holdings announced Wednesday that domain industry pioneer Monte Cahn has joined its team as an Executive in Residence and Advisor to the Board.”

“In his new role, he will help shape the company’s growth and strategic direction while also taking a more hands-on role with the premium domain brokerage, domain auctions and domain monetization.”

“Currently, Cahn is the President and Director of RightOfTheDot, LLC, an Internet consulting and advisement firm, co-founded by him and domain industry legend, Mike Berkens. RightOfTheDot, LLC specializes in new and existing TLD consulting, board advisement, as well as other domain services sales, marketing and strategy. ”

“Currently the firm is helping companies maximize profitability and strategic direction for the new and existing gTLD program set to roll out later this year.”

“I chose to invest and take an active role in Domain Holdings because I really believe in and respect the leadership, like the differentiating and leading technology offering, and know that my contribution can further the strategic direction and success,” Monte Cahn said, also noting that RightoftheDot, LLC has chosen Domain Holdings Group as one of its partners for providing premium domain sales and monetization for new and existing TLD clients.”

“Prior to starting RightOfTheDot, LLC, Cahn founded and was the CEO of in 1999, which he grew to become a Top 7 ICANN Accredited Registrar and a leading domain monetization company during his 10-year tenure. Cahn successfully brokered the historic sales of and, recognized as the first $1 million and $2 million sales in the industry respectively. Cahn is also responsible for selling more than $300 million in domain names in the last 10 years, including seven-figure sales of,,,,, as well as industry-leading sales of for $5.5 million and others. Under Cahn, Moniker was widely considered the industry’s leading premium domain auction and brokerage company.”

“Cahn is also credited with starting the very first domain brokerage company in 1996. He pioneered and innovated what are now considered industry standard services, including: WhoIs privacy, domain escrow, domain appraisals, bulk domain management, domain security and theft prevention, stealth acquisitions and live domain auctions.”

“Monte brings with him a range of knowledge dating back to the mid-90s where he was able to contribute services that widely shaped the industry and are still in use today,” Domain Holdings Co-Founder John Ferber said. “That type of forward thinking fits with our philosophy as we add to our brokerage and monetization services”

Just for the record I highly encouraged Monte to accept the position and join

Monte will accompany me to Prague in his capacity of in a few weeks for the ICANN meeting.…

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Mike Mann’s Becomes 1st To Use Facebook Timeline To Promote Its Marketplace

According to a press release out this morning Mike Mann’s has “started aFacebook Timeline to promote the online domain marketplace and provide information about domain names, Internet technology and online marketing.”

“Facebook is one of the best ways for us to connect with our customers and hear their opinions because people are utilizing Facebook business pages more than ever before to access information,” said Mike Mann, founder of

“ buys and sells domain names that are ready to be developed into larger brands. The company also offers thousands of domains that could help existing companies improve their marketing efforts. The inventory includes names related to art, food, music, realty, travel, business, pets, social media and more.”

“Having the right domain name is key to building a brand’s online identity,” Mann said. “And a strong domain name also helps improve search engine results.”

“According to Jason Exline, a social media consultant for, “Facebook really is the spot where people go to get updated information on a particular business or topic.”

“Facebook is an effective platform for strengthening a brand online. Experts estimate that Facebook’s roughly 845 million users are each on the site for an average of 20 minutes per day. During that time they share more than 1 million links and tag about 1.3 million photographs.”

“And Facebook users spend part of their time interacting with brands like, Mann explained.”

“Mann added that he hopes the new Facebook Timeline helps boost’s image, positioning the online marketplace as a leader in the thriving domain industry.

“Our photographs, along with the new Facebook features, will help customers recognize as the best place to begin their search for the perfect online identity,” he said.

“Those searching for domain names may find it easier to submit questions to via Facebook than calling a sales representative.”

“Mann said officials saw the new Facebook page as a way to enhance customer service.”

“Those who “like” the page will see posts with expert domaining tips, analysis of the latest Internet trends and the hottest news scoops in the technology industry.”

“This platform will help both amateur and professional domainers learn and succeed,” Mann said.

“Visit the new Facebook page by clicking here”

While a lot of domainer use Facebook and Twitter to some extent to promote and sell domain names,, sounds like the 1st of the major companies to take social networking to a new level in the marketing and selling of its domains and its marketplace while at combining it with what sounds like information usually found in blog.…

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Domaining’s Francois Launches New Domain Registrar That Includes FREE “UDRP Insurance”:

Francois Carrillo the man behind and other sites in the domain industry just launched a new domain name registrar, which is offering what its calling “UDRP Insurance” with every registration, plus is contributing 30% of all profits to the Internet Commerce Association (ICA).

Here is what Francois had to say about the new registrar:

“As you know each day, we are hit by more and more abusive UDRPs from people that try to steal our names.
“It costs a lot of money to defend our assets and I am afraid as more people become aware of this ugly method to get domains, this plague dramatically grows.”

“This is why I am pleased to announce that we’ll offer “UDRP INSURANCE” to everybody registering domains at!”

“If you are hit by an UDRP:

– You will get free legal assistance to estimate your winning chances.

– A list of attorneys offering special rates to our members.

– And if you won the UDRP, we’ll reimburse you the legal fees spent to defend you!

This way you no longer have to be afraid about this plague. If you register your domain in good faith, you should no longer spend money defending against domain hijackers.

I am also proud to announce that 30% of the profit generated by will be reversed to the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) who defend the domain industry interest at ICANN and Washington.

So when you register names at, you are also indirectly contributing to have laws changes to our advantage.

We really need to have our voice heard to influence ICANN and governments to change rules and better defend our rights. It’s
critical and urgent that we unite and have a strong association to defend us. Without big changes things can only get worse, much worse…

Our rates are not the cheapest but are very competitive, watch here and compare with your registrar.””

The registrar is a reseller, with .com rates of $11.15.…

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TRAFFIC To Return To Vegas

According to an email just sent out by the organizers of the TRAFFIC conference, after a several year absence, the TRAFFIC conference is returning to Las Vegas.

The conference will be held right after the Memorial Day Weekend 2013.

This time the conference is being held at one of our favorite hotels the Bellagio Hotel.

Sounds like a great choice of dates and venue and we are already looking forward to it.…

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