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Posts from — July 2011

COM.DE Landrush will begin on July 25th

Phase 2 of the COM.DE launch, the Landrush Period, will begin at 5:00 pm CEST July 25, 2011 and continue through 5:00 pm CEST August 26, 2011. The Landrush is open to any company or individual wishing to register a COM.DE domain name where that domain name was not previously registered or applied for during the Sunrise Process, or excluded by the Registry. If two or more Applicants submit an Application during this phase for an identical domain name, the allocation of the domain name will be determined by auction in which case, only the Applicants who have submitted a Landrush request will be allowed to participate.

The COM.DE extension has no German local presence requirements. Additionally, the registry will not withhold any premium names, or one-character or two-character domains from being registered.

During the Landrush period, it will be $570 to register a COM.DE.

If you have any questions regarding COM.DE, you may contact the Safenames UK office at +44 1908 200022 and, or the Safenames US office at +1.703.574.5313 and

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Trademark Sunrise .QA (Qatar) and the Arabic IDN (.قطر ) to launch at the second level on July 18th, 2011

The Sunrise period for .QA domains and the Arabic Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) extension .قطر begins July 18th. Safenames is directly accredited with the Qatar Domains Registry (QDR). Previously, only COM.QA, NET.QA and ORG.QA were available for registration and each required a Local Contact presence in Qatar. Now any company doing business in Qatar can register a domain in .QA or .قطر without having a local presence.

Safenames recommends that companies doing business in Qatar should have their BRAND.QA domain and their BRAND .قطر domain. Alternatively, .QA domains can be used to present a Question & Answer web page or to present a Quality Assurance test site.

Registration Requirements:

In addition to having documentation for a nationally recognized trademark, registrants must also:

  • Order a domain that is three (3) characters or more.
  • Ensure that the first and last character of the domain name is a letter, special characters are not permitted at the beginning or end of the .QA or .قطر domain name.
  • Ensure that their domain names do not containing words, abbreviations, or phrases that are potentially offensive, obscene, indecent, or contrary to the Qatari Law or Islamic morality.

Sunrise Registration Fees for the Initial One (1) Year Registration:

  • NIC Fee: $100
  • Sunrise processing fee: $150

If you would like to apply for a .QA domain or a .قطر domain, you may order online through your Safenames IDP account. You may also contact Safenames in the UK at +44 1908 200022 and, or in the US at +1.703.574.5313 and

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ICANN Seek Request for Proposals for WHOIS Consumer Trust Research

Click HERE for more information on submitting an RFP for WHOIS Consumer Trust Research.

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.CN’s Tightened Registration Policy Sends Phishers To Other Extensions

As reported by “The tightening of registration policies for .CN domain names by CNNIC has seen a rapid decline in the number of phishers using .CN domain names and an increase in the use of other top level domains and services, and in particular the CO.CC sub-domain and .TK country code TLD.

In a report from the Anti Phishing Working Group titled Global Phishing Survey 2H2010: Trends and Domain Name Use, the APWG found that millions of phishing URLs were reported in 2H2010, but the number of unique phishing attacks and domain names used to host them was much smaller.”

Click HERE to read the full story.

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Wow Over The Weekend It Looks Like I Won The Award For The “Most Overpriced Domain Sale of 2011″

Well over the weekend it looks like I won an award from DomainNameMojo for having the “Most Overpriced Sale Of 2011″”

Well thanks

Where can I pick up the award?

The blogger goes on (and on) to state:

“As you may already know, WWMI sold for $25,000 on Afternic.”

“The domain is far overpriced. ”

“Afternic evaluates the price of domains to protect the integrity of their domain name sales platform. In no way, shape or form is this domain even worth 10% of the sales amount.”

“ paid $25,000 to acquire The domain stats are mediocre at best, especially when it was originally registered back in 2002. Afternic has notified me to reduce the price of several domains that are worth far more than the domain they allowed to sell at multiple times its worth.”

“Afternic claims they evaluate domain prices to protect the integrity of their sales platform.”

“What I don’t understand is how they let an overpriced domain such as to sell for $25,000. There is no way to justify the sale.”

“I consider the most overpriced sale of 2011.”

“In my opinion, WWMI and Afternic overprice their domains to take advantage of the end-user. End-users don’t stand a chance in the face of these companies. These companies have a used-car salesman mentality, which makes it hard for average domainers to function without experiencing conflict when contacting an end-user.”

“IMO, WWMI and Afternic seem to focus on maximizing every sale to the fullest instead of running a fair system. ”

“IMO, as an end-user, you can’t expect to buy a domain from these domain companies at a fair price. Be prepared to overspend to acquire a domain.”

“In my opinion, they will take advantage of the end-user until they get the price they want.”

“I respect TheDomains blog owner for maximizing his sales, but it does nothing to improve the quality of our lives.”

“The domain offers he rejects sometimes infuriates end-users to point in which they are unprofessional to average domainers. The WWMI owner already overcharges internal tourism bureaus on visit (city or country) dot com domains.”

So you got me.

I’m in business to make money.

Yet in my defense, I’m not one of those domainers that tell every end user that comes along that I will only consider offers into the six figures as some do and have done for years.

If we overpriced all the domain we had would we consistently sell seven figures of domains every year, year after year?

Would companies be able to buy a domain for chump change, or what the blogger would consider a small fortune and then move on to win the TechCrunch Disputer award and the $50K cash price or become a site that is seen on every TV program for several weeks.

So my contribution back to the domain community comes not from giving my property away for pennies on the dollars but by publishing and giving all who want to read it some insight into the business of domaining, hopefully to improve their bottom lines.

To that end here’s a couple of more thoughts:

Has anyone you ever sold a domain too for too little come back to you and thanked you?

Offered you extra money, a bonus for giving them the chance to acquire a domain for a bargain basement price?

Has anyone in a overwhelming sense of guilt sent you more money after they hit it big on a domain you sold way to cheap?

I didn’t think so.

Are you still selling domains based on “The domain’s stats?

Really in 2011?

“The keywords are not even searched 1,000 times per month. ”

Who cares.

If you have a brandable and/or memorable domain, or one that covers an industry for chump change, then you’re a chump.

Now back to that award.

Feel free to engrave

I will proudly display it right next to the Domainer of the Year Award and the Domain Hall Of Fame plaque that sits proudly in my office.


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WIPO Domain Name Decision DCO2011-0030 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for

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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2011-0772 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for

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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2011-0823 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for

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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2011-0801 for,

WIPO Domain Name Decision for,

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WIPO Domain Name Decision DSC2011-0001 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for

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