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Posts from — April 2011

“Shed a Tear: The Age of Broadband Caps Begins Monday”

As Reported by Ryan Singel for “Come Monday, AT&T will begin restricting more than 16 million broadband users based on the amount of data they use in a month. The No. 2 carrier’s entry into the broadband-cap club means that a majority of U.S. broadband users will now be subject to limits on how much they can do online or risk extra charges as ugly as video store late fees.

AT&T’s new limits — 150 GB for DSL subscribers and 250 GB for UVerse users (a mix of fiber and DSL) — come as users are increasingly turning to online video such as Hulu and Netflix on-demand streaming service instead of paying for cable.

With the change, AT&T joins Comcast and numerous small ISPs in putting a price on a fixed amount of internet usage. It’s a complete abandonment of the unlimited plans which turned the internet into a global behemoth after the slow-growth dial-up days, when customers were charged by the minute and thus accessed the internet as sparingly as possible.”

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Another Great Domain Snapped Up By End User:

According to a press release, another good short .com just got gobbled up by an end User.

The domain name was just acquired by Semper Home Loans, an Inc. 5000 company, for an undisclosed sum .

“The website will be a customer-focused site, where potential homebuyers can learn more about mortgages, real estate market trends, new legislation affecting real estate finance, and web-based mortgaging, according to a spokesperson at Semper. Integrated social media, including Twitter, blogs, forum discussions, and Facebook, will be a larger part of Semper Home Loans’ outreach to younger, more tech-savvy borrowers. In order to provide these services as effectively and efficiently as possible, Semper has retained Konnessi ( also based in Providence. Konnessi, in addition to assisting with the sale of the domain, will be providing ongoing web development and web marketing services.”

“”At the end of the day, Semper Home Loans and are about giving people the opportunity to get the best deal possible. We want to be to the mortgage industry what was for bookbuyers.”

Semper also owns



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It’s Official, Black Hat Creator In As ICANN CSO

According to an ICANN press release: “Jeff Moss, founder of DEF CON, the world’s largest hacker conference, and Black Hat, a global technical security conference, has been named Vice President and Chief Security Officer of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the multinational non-profit organization working for a secure, stable and unified global Internet.

“I can think of no one with a greater understanding of the security threats facing Internet users and how best to defend against them than Jeff Moss,” said Rod Beckstrom, ICANN’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “He has the in-depth insider’s knowledge that can only come from fighting in the trenches of the on-going war against cyber threats.”

Click HERE to read the full press release

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FriendFinder Pulls Down

FriendFinder Networks, Inc., has pulled down the site over which Facebook filed suit over two weeks ago.

The domain name now goes to a page saying the “site has been deactivated and if you are an existing member you can log in”.

I’m not sure where the log in will take you because I’m not a member, but maybe someone out there can let us know. is ranked as the 648th business site on the net according to Alexa and Compete shows the site getting over 4,000,000 monthly visitors.

FriendFinder Networks, Inc. filed with the SEC this week for an IPO which is scheduled for May 11th.

Of course just because the site is sort of turned off doesn’t stop the lawsuit from moving forward and we will keep you updated as events warrant.

Still no word on other sites using “Facebook of Sex” as a slogan rather than part of the URL like and




April 29, 2011   Comments Off on FriendFinder Pulls Down To Hold 1 Character .CM Domain Name Auction Starting May 12th

Sedo is going to hold a domain auction of 1 character .CM domains from May 12th to May 19th.

All the domains have a reserve range of $1-$499.

Here is the list:

I know that .cm domains have not taken off, but a one character domains in any extension have value and I see them selling on a pretty regular basis on in off extensions


April 29, 2011   Comments Off on To Hold 1 Character .CM Domain Name Auction Starting May 12th Sells For $28K on

The domain has just sold on Sedo for $28,000

This seems to be a pretty big topic with many retail sites selling customized dog tags. gets over 4,000 visitors a month according to Compete, which gets over 13,00o visitors a month, get over 3K visitors a month, which gets over 1K visits a month.

Interestingly the best domain of them all, is the only domain of the ones mentioned herein which does not sell products but rather seems to be a mini-site with Adsense.

Congrats to the Buyer and Seller




April 29, 2011   Comments Off on Sells For $28K on Apple Buying, The Story is True has confirmed with the Seller of the domain name, the Sweden-based computing company Xcerion has sold the domain to Apple.

This confirms the story reported by GigaOm first reported Thursday, “though the Seller declined to say whether its rumored $4.5 million price tag was accurate.”

Apple has not always bought the matching domain for its products and still does not own a domains which gets over 50,000 visitors a month according to nor

So I’m going to say that the entire story sounds good including the purchase price which would have been denied by one side or the other by now if wholly inaccurate.

The question becomes now what is Apple going to do with

What is that product going to be?

We all know about plans for a music and photo locker system but somehow I think that an expansion of mobileme could have done the same thing.

So I think Apple’s plans are bigger, much bigger.

Could this be a project that leads to some sort of social networking space that include all your music, photos, friends and contacts and allows interaction?

Apple launched Ping a while back a interactive lets call it social space where you can share your like and dislikes of music, but its not HUGE.

I have the feeling that will be HUGE.

Once we find out what Apple’s Plan for it is.

If the purchase price does get confirmed at some point we will have the Largest domain purchase for 2011 officially hit the books





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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2011-0306 for,,,,,

WIPO Domain Name Decision for,,,,,

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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2011-0272 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for

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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2011-0312 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for

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