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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2017-0237 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for axaukraine.compixelstats trackingpixel

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WIPO Domain Name Decision DCO2017-0001 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for johnnycupcakes.copixelstats trackingpixel

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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2017-0103 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for voltasengineering.compixelstats trackingpixel

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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2017-0021 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for basf-de.compixelstats trackingpixel

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ICANN60 Fellowship Application Round Now Open

lCANN launches the application round for those interested in participating in the ICANN60 Public Meeting through the Fellowship Program. The meeting takes place from 28 October – 03 November 2017 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The deadline to apply is 10 May 2017. Successful candidates will be announced on 21 July 2017 on

The Fellowship Program

The ICANN Fellowship program seeks out those who are interested in, or already engaged in, the various components of ICANN’s work in policy building, the operation of the Domain Name System and the security and stability of the global Internet. The goal of the program is to help create a broader base of knowledgeable constituents to engage in the ICANN multistakeholder process and become the new voice of experience in their regions and on the global stage.

Since its creation in 2007, the Fellowship program has built a strong group of individuals who are actively participating in all of the ICANN communities as well as various Internet governance entities within the Internet ecosystem. Their engagement ranges from writing articles and blogs, providing online or in-person public comment in regard to bottom-up policy building, engaging in Internet conferences and panel discussions, participating in working groups, mentoring newcomers, assisting our regional leaders and becoming leaders themselves.

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Join our webinar on Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice Review Draft Report

On Wednesday, 29 March 2017, join the Competition, Consumer Trust and Consumer Choice Review Team (CCT-RT) for one of two webinars on its Draft Report and Recommendations. This webinar provides you with the opportunity to learn about proposed improvements to the New generic Top-Level Domain (New gTLD) program and to share your input and ask clarifying questions about the CCT-RT Draft Report and Recommendations.

The purpose of the CCT-RT is to assess the New gTLD program in three areas: competition, consumer trust and consumer choice. The CCT-RT is also determining the effectiveness of the safeguards put in place to mitigate issues arising from the introduction of New gTLDs and the Program’s application and evaluation process.

Join the webinar to receive a tailored briefing from the CCT-RT on its draft findings and recommendations. Attending the webinars will also allow you to provide initial feedback and ask clarifying questions prior to submitting your public comment of the CCTRT Draft Report. This public comment period is scheduled to close on 27 April 2017 and gives you the opportunity to provide input to the CCT-RT for its consideration as it continues its work towards developing its final report and recommendations.

On 3 April 2017, the CCT-RT will host two separate sessions at 10:00 – 11:30 UTC (time zone support here) and 19:00 – 20:30 UTC (time zone support here). In order to facilitate global participation, language services will be available in five UN languages.

Meeting Agenda

  • Draft Report & Recommendations (5 min)
  • Data Collection (10 min)
  • Competition & Consumer Choice (35 min)
  • Safeguards & Consumer Trust (40 min)
  • Application & Evaluation Process (20 min)

How to join?

DIAL IN NUMBERS: (also see chart below)

The following interpretations are provided:
English: 9001
French: 9002
Spanish: 9003
Chinese: 9004
Russian: 9005

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How to Use Your .SUCKS Domain Creatively

Looking for inspiration for your next website? Instead of thinking outside the box, let’s try eliminating the box altogether. A creative domain name is not only versatile, but also powerful. Whether you’re working on your latest innovation, launching a marketing campaign, advocating for justice or looking to start a riot, an outstanding domain may just be the fast-track to achieving your goals. Here are four ways to use a .SUCKS domain creatively.

1. Product Innovation Research
So you’ve got a fantastic idea, but you’re not sure how to further develop it. When working on a new product, it’s vital to gather as much feedback as possible along the way. Survey tools, prototypes and email campaigns should all be in your strategy, but including a unique domain to bring it all together can work wonders. Having your own domain along the way not only provides you with a centrally-managed development platform, but it also gives you an avenue through which to chisel your brand.
Maybe your company is designing 3D printers for everyday households and you want to generate some buzz with, or else your Kickstarter campaign for new-and-improved sex toys has broken 10k and you want to spread the word with—no matter your niche market, you can gather a whole lot of interest and information with a creative domain name., so gather as much crowd-sourced knowledge as possible to provide consumers with a new product that they actually want.

2. Customer Service Satisfaction
What if you gave your customers a platform where they truly felt heard? Let’s face it, customer service representatives often get a bad rap—be it cellphone service providers, airlines or the collections services. Rather than having customers wait on hold with elevator music to voice their grievances, why not retire outdated customer service ideas, let go of the unbranded FAQs and help your customer feel truly heard with a .SUCKS domain.
Work for an internet or mobile service provider? Try, or to direct customers towards better data packages. Run a food delivery service? could do the trick. There are many ways to identify with your customers’ struggles while propelling them to less-sucky solutions.—so make sure yours know you’re listening!

3. Marketing Campaigns
Taco Bell set the bar high, driving customers by the thousands with its “sharing sucks” campaign. Whenever people feel strongly about a brand or a product, you can get creative with your marketing message. Brands can reinforce consumer loyalty or attract new customers by appealing to their ideals, hopes or fears while strategically pushing a service or product. A .SUCKS domain let’s you do just that.

A gum manufacturer could steal the spotlight with a platform like; Axe, already notorious for its viral campaigns, could pull it off once more with Selling on-the-go stain remover? might be the domain for you. If you have a fantastic marketing campaign up your sleeve, a .SUCKS domain could be just the thing to drive it home., so let’s not annoy potential customers with the same old ads time and time again. Mix it up with a creative campaign and the domain to match.

4. Social Activism
Apathy sucks, and the world needs more altruistic hearts. Unfortunately, NGO voices are often muffled by the noise of corporate giants pumping money into lush advertisements. But viral marketing doesn’t have to be backed by Wall Street to get attention. And in times like these, providing a platform for thousands of passionate individuals longing to bond over social injustice is as noble a cause as any.
Whether you choose to build on the fire fuelled by the Women’s March with a site like, or you want to raise legal fees defending immigrants affected by the president’s dubious executive orders with, a .SUCKS domain gets straight to the heart of the issue., so let’s make a some changes, and fast.

The Takeaway
These four ideas can get you started, but the possibilities are endless. If you feel passionate about something, a unique platform can carry your voice to millions of individuals. Operation Incredible thought so too, so they launched to share tips and tricks with busy techies. Is a beloved school being forcibly closed down in your neighborhood? Are you annoyed by hipster beards overtaking the face of every mildly-artsy skinny white boy in your town?

No matter how universal your cause, a .SUCKS domain gives you a voice. Start the conversation today.

Photos: Shutterstock /, Shutterstock / Elnur, Flickr / Liz Lemon

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WIPO Domain Name Decision DES2017-0004 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for patriziapepemadrid.espixelstats trackingpixel

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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2017-0169 for

WIPO Domain Name Decision for carecorps.netpixelstats trackingpixel

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WIPO Domain Name Decision D2017-0192 for,

WIPO Domain Name Decision for, accor.storepixelstats trackingpixel

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